Lucky Blog Brought Monsoon

They say that the monsoon begins in Arizona when it rains on you. All I had to do was post the last blog about the monsoon, and ta da, it rained on me last night and now again this afternoon. Of course everyone goes out in the first monsoon rain; it’s sort of a spiritual thing; a big sigh of relief. Both were mild, as monsoon rains go, some lightning, some thunder and enough rain to get wet, sound nice on the roof and dapple the swimming pool. Best was being able to sleep with the widows open last night, and a short nap with the rain this afternoon. The temperature dropped nearly thirty degrees in a couple of hours.


We collected a small epiphyte (air plant) in Florida as a shower pet in Turtle (our motorhome) last December. It loved our shower of course, but has been having to survive with a dunking every week or so since we returned to dry Tucson in March; we prefer to shower at our clubhouse.

Yesterday I hung it on our long blooming desert plant (favorite of hummingbirds, can’t remember the name) to enjoy a real shower. I like to think it is going to enjoy the monsoon, if it can survive the sun and dry.

Does anyone know how to feed an epiphyte? other than leave it out in the air, something I’m not too sure is a good idea in dry Tucson.

Would you like to give our epiphyte a name?

happy monsoon,


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