Ho Chi Minh Trail: Five of Six


This is one of a series of six videos about our search for one of the branches of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. There were many branches of the trail, in Laos as well as Vietnam. We wanted to see if we could find one of the branches, or at least have a better understanding of the experience those who traveled on the Laos portions of the trail lived. We got more than we bargained for…


Ho Chi Minh Trail: Five of Six — 2 Comments

  1. Well, I can hardly wait for the next installment! I am just getting caught up as I have been on a visit to see Dad.
    I am still praying for you and your safety, but it sure looks like a great adventure. And I was reading back over the last posts and realize you actually answer posts–thanks!
    Love and prayers,
    Bonnie \o/

  2. Bonnie: Hope you had a good visit. We’re glad you are back with us. That was quite an adventure, and taxed our bravery more than almost any other. We had a scare. But it was only two days, and we can tough it out that long anytime!

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