Ho Chi Minh Trail: Six of Six


This isĀ final video about our search for one of the branches of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. There were many branches of the trail, in Laos as well as Vietnam. We wanted to see if we could find one of the branches, or at least have a better understanding of the experience those who traveled on the Laos portions of the trail lived. We got more than we bargained for…


Ho Chi Minh Trail: Six of Six — 4 Comments

  1. I hope you’re somewhere you can put your feet up and relax for a couple of days. You deserve some R&R.

  2. Yes, Sarah, we are now relaxing and have decided that the rest of the trip is going to be adventure free (okay, we hope so anyway). I’m looking for some sunshine, (currently monsoon season) and beaches. We’ll post when we find some.

  3. Thank you for sharing your audio/visual take on what must have been a harrowing experience. You guys are something else. Hopefully, you will have only pleasant memories on your future rides in Asia.

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