My Guaranteed Diet

Ride a heavily loaded tandem bicycle across several 15,000 foot passes and innumerable others at slightly lower levels. Then eat mostly rice and noodles, and get sick of both!

I weigh the same as I did in High School, but about fifteen pounds of muscle have just disappeared! The loose skin bothers me, but I am now on a concerted effort to eat as much of anything as possible and in particular protein. Wish me luck!



My Guaranteed Diet — 3 Comments

  1. Thirty days at McDonald’s will fix your problem. Fear not, there is still enough unhealthy food around,that with a little effort on your part, you can be fat like me in no time at all. We noticed that Claire is no where around. She started out so thin to begin with, has she just simply disappeared trying to live on that same diet?

    In all seriousness,please take care of yourselves and do try to eat more carbs with each meal if you can. Hershey’s and M&Ms, my choice of carbs…

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