Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

One man’s solution to cooking for one without resorting to pizza or chips and dip.

Ingredients: half a tin of chopped mustard greens (or whatever you have in the cupboard, even beans), 1/2 cup snacking carrots, chicken breast, olive oil, hard cheese, pepper, salt, mixed herbs of your choice, garlic powder, wine or beer.

Pour the cook a glass of wine. I would have had beer, but none in the house. I would have preferred a red, but the box of white isn’t quite empty. I’m going back to bottles so I can have a few reds around too. The boxed was better than I thought, but not good enough to do again soon. Maybe in the motorhome.

Preparation: microwave the carrots covered, fry chicken breast in lots of extra virgin olive oil sprinkled with garlic powder and spices, remove chicken and add greens to pan, warm and mix with olive oil and frying juices. Arrange on an 8″ plate and grate hard cheese on the greens, salt and pepper carrots to taste.

I usually cook for Claire and enjoy working in the kitchen, knowing she will enjoy the meal when she comes to dinner after working in her home office. Tonight she went out with some girlfriends to dinner. I didn’t feel like putting much effort into dinner just for me, but wanted it to be healthy. She went for Thai. I’m jealous.

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