Final Step in Preparing a Tandem Bicycle for the Andes and Amazon 7


Tandem pallet wrapped for air travel


A small,l but vital, part became lostĀ from the box on the flight to Beijing for our Silk Road Crossing, two trips ago. It cost us 12 days and finally the inability to use our drum brake. We were fortunate to have uphill headwinds on the downhill side of the Tien Shen mountains in Western China, or it could have been a problem. Our loaded tandem, including us, weighs around 400 pounds. That weight puts such pressure on standard brakes and brake pads that we risk an exploded tire from overheated rims, not a good thing at speed down a steep mountain. So, I have become more than a little obsessive about ALL of our bicycle getting to the start of a tour at the same time as we do. I now wrap the whole bike in pallet wrap before it goes into the cardboard box. That way when the gorilla driving the fork lift pokes a hole in the box, there is another layer of protection to keep all the parts where they belong. Cross fingers it works!

It is two days before our departure and we’re still working on getting ready. Claire is finishing up magazine stories to keep our favorite editor happy until our return, and I am, I am… What am I doing? Oh writing a post. Just getting warmed up. Things should get interesting soon.

Maybe one more post before Lima, Peru, hopefully with some sort of map.


Final Step in Preparing a Tandem Bicycle for the Andes and Amazon 7 — 2 Comments

  1. Bob and Clair, good luck with your new adventure, I can hardly wait to read all about it. Have fun and be safe !!! Martha

  2. Martha,
    Thanks for the comment. If you have more during the trip, make them here rather than Facebook, I won’t be checking it as often. Have a great summer.

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