We only bussed the Everglades, but it was one of those kisses that linger in memory. It would take at the very least months to develop a relationship the Everglades. Neither swamp nor upland, it is both, but its life blood is a slow moving sheet of water flowing from Florida’s highlands (if a couple of hundred feet above sea level can be called highlands). The problem is that we humans, first in ignorance and later with greed, interrupted and redirected the flow of water, and changed, probably forever, the nature of very complex ecosystem. In recent years, at very great expense, an attempt is being made to restore something close to historic flows to the Everglades. Time will tell if it proves out, or not. I’m glad we got a taste of it at least, thanks to our wonderful National Pareverglades flower 1k system.

everglades sunset drying his wings

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