Ear Wax Removal Guaranteed, and Safer than the Vietnamese Barber’s Method

Okay. I know what people ¬†want. I can’t give you any more Vietnamese school girls in masks (I suspect the searchers want them without their beautiful white, bicycle friendly pant suits), and I doubt your barber or beauty parlor does ear wax removal as they do in Vietnam

. Ear wax removal at the barbers

But, I do have a method that is safer and you can do yourself:

Before you shower, fill one ear with vegetable oil and let it soak by lying on your side for five minutes, or more if you can stand it. Absorb the oil with a paper towel when you stand. Shower with a moderately strong stream of warm water into that ear. After a couple of minutes, turn your ear to the bottom of the shower, ¬†jump on your right leg and bang your head on the opposite side, gently. I’m not kidding. It might not work the first time, but will by the second.

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