Crossing 8 flooded bridges in the desert, twice!

Patricia and Sabino Creek

The link above will take you to Mark Doumas’ Facebook page where he has posted a video of a few of us crossing one of eight bridges over Sabino Creek near Tucson. It’s usually a great short steep ride of about three miles, but with this winter’s snow, and recent spring rains, the bridges become a fun, and cold challenge.

We had to cross all eight flooded bridges twice and had wet cold feet and backsides. Tucson sunshine dried our backsides, but the shoes and socks came off at the restaurant where we went for breakfast. They of course put us on the patio! Luckily they had propane radiant heaters. After a filling, and laugh filled time, we got back on the road and warmed up with a few short hills and more sunshine.

We’d do it again, but it probably won’t happen again for years.

If you are going to be in Tucson, visit Mark and Steve Wilson’s, Tucson Bike and Breakfast site, for routes and bike friendly restaurants.

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