Colorful Thailand:Bangkok — 2 Comments

  1. What fun to see the video of Thailand. When Dick served in the Embassy in Vietnam, I went to visit him over the 4th of July and then we went on to Bangkok for a few days. I love the Thai people, they seemed so gentle and polite, and we felt very welcome. I bought some Thai silk to have Chinese dresses made, and some colorful rubbings. But what we enjoyed the most was the food. Some of the dishes were even too hot for me and I really can eat hot food. I find it very interesting that the hotter the climate the spicier the food. Places like Mexico, India, Brazil, and in the province of Szechwan, China, just to name a few. I remember our trips on many canals, and buying fruits and vegetables from the little boats that we passed. I think these boats actually served as their homes,too. Of course we never forgot the beautiful girls who performed their native dances, so artistic and exotic.

    Keep on traveling so we can enjoy your videos and writings.


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