Book Review


Almaty to Prague, Award Winning Fine Art Travel Photography, by Matt Cohen
244 p

More than a book of photography, Cohen captures the essence of an exotic road trip. Cohen and his wife Dedrie have taken off on a trip in 2018 to take in some Central Asian and European culture, and for a keepsake, have compiled photos, journal entries, travel notes and maps for anyone curious about planning a similar trip. A book that serves as a memento for them has become an inviting diversion for armchair travelers.

Richly detailed photos punctuate the narrative, always likely to include changed plans and unexpected delights.

A clever way to note their daily circumstances was to write post cards to themselves, describing the weather, what they ate and where they visited. The reproduced postcards are a charming way to live the experience with the Cohens.

The book will inspire a wanderlust in readers and embolden them to seek their own adventure, their own pursuit of history and their own connections with other cultures.







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