Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Bea (For Beatitudes) is a very dangerous cat. She lives at Espiritu Santo mission north of Corpus Christi, Texas.

One night, while attending vespers services, Bea fell asleep, probably under a kneeling bench, and was inadvertently locked in the sanctuary. She awoke much later to find herself alone, and decided, as cats are wont to do, to wander around a bit and then cry to be let out. All this activity set off the alarm system, and there was hell to pay. Homeland Security descended, complete with swat team and helicopter, ready to take out the terrorists, obviously up to no good, and on Holy ground, or at least National Park Service ground, at that.

Observers indicated that, upon discovering the terrorist was not deserving of their firepower, left with nary a snicker. Some people have no sense of humor.

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