St. Elias Mountains Yukon Territory Canada

St. Elais Mountains

A decent weather day offered some great views of the St. Elias Mountains in the Yukon Territory, a few miles north of Haines Junction. The pullouts all had no overnight parking signs, so we had to look for side roads to explore. After one false start, we found this abandoned sub-division with spectacular views. It is strange to see sub-divisions so far in the countryside, right next to the largest contiguous wilderness protected area in the world, half in the Yukon and half in Alaska. Somebody had big dreams, but it’s just too remote.

St. Elias Mountains

We expected bears or moose, but only had birds and wildflowers for company. The daylight is almost continuous now, and the light, when there is a break in the rainclouds, just fades and warms slowly toward 11pm, and it is light all night. I enjoy waking up and looking at the light at 2am or so, just as morning color begins to wash the sky.

These remote boondocks are so quiet. We’re always ready to move quickly if necessary, but have never had the need. It takes some experience to hide a motorhome in the bush, but we’re getting pretty good at it!

Alaska next.

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