A Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner – this one for Valentine’s Day

Collards Greens, salmon, yam dinner

Collards Greens, salmon, yam dinner

Ingredients: one bunch of collard greens, one medium onion, five cloves garlic, 1 cup red peppers, one yam, two pack-of-cards size pieces of fish (we used wild salmon), hearty white or light red wine, LOTS of extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, Trader Joe’s 21 Salute seasoning, to coat fiish, 2 tb fish sauce, 1 tb red curry paste, 1/4 cup chicken broth.

Preparation: Pour the cook a glass of wine.

Chop onion and stems of greens, saute in LOTS of extra virgin olive oil, add chopped leafy collards, red peppers, curry paste and chicken broth, summer until done to taste.

Microwave yam, turning often until done. Let sit in microwave covered. Remove collard mixture to bowl, cover and add to microwave to stay warm and finish.

Cook and main squeeze have a glass of wine together. This is, after all Valentine’s Day. You should have done two other healthy activities with your main squeeze this day: exercise and sex. Dinner is the fianalle.

Coat fish with seasoning and fry in LOTS of extra virgin olive oil. Put on plate with greens, yam and serve with another glass of wine.

Leave the dishes for tomorrow and go to bed early.

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