A Great Little Hike in Grand Canyon on the east end of the South Rim

Last year we took our motorhome, Turtle to Northern Arizona for the month of July. This year we will go for the month of June and explore again that wonderful country, and beyond. We are republishing snippets of last years little journey so you’ll have an idea what to expect on this site as we make more posts in June.P7180166

A great little hike from the east end of the Grand Canyon National Park is the Tanner Trail: about six miles, but around 2000 feet down and then another 2000 feet back up. You could go to the river, but it would take a very very early start and at least a gallon of water for each person. It gets hot down there in summer. At not much beyond the half way point, it was nearing 100 degrees f.


Down, from up there, to see more down, then hike back up. Hmmm.


P7180182 P7180195 Almost done.

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