Zippy: 40,000th mile.


Give or take 100 miles, Zippy has carried us 40,000 miles around the world. He was allowed his wish, and said he wanted to play in Saigon traffic. We gave him his wish. Claire is amazed at how many near misses Zippy had; she could feel the heat from the motorcycle mufflers. Imagine what this would be like if all these motorcycles were cars! I would have liked to have been here when they were all bicycles. Well, on second thought, maybe not.

We could have never dreamed of this day when we rode away from our home in Dungeness, Washington years ago. We are thankful for the adventures, the new friends, and the direction our lives have taken. It is amazingly appropriate that we reached this milepost in the city where Claire was born, 45 years ago.

We have a date with the mighty Mekong tomorrow. We first saw the muddy waters of the Mekong over a month ago. It will be a very different river in the delta as it nears the sea.


Zippy: 40,000th mile. — 7 Comments

  1. Bob, Claire and Zippy,

    Congratulations on the 40,000 miles together! Thanks for the Thanksgiving entry.
    After a nice 40 miles ride I stood in the kitchen for 5 hours cooking for 12 (turkey, side dishes and desert), I was thankful to have the whole family together in Tucson in my favorite holiday.
    Nice piece on thanking Claire’s mom and celebrating Claire’s birth in Saigon.
    Looking forward more stories and hopefully see you soon!

  2. Hi Guys,
    We met together a few days ago in Saigon (swiss couple on the sidewalk).
    Just want you to know we are pretty impressed by what you’ve done so far! We do a lot of touring but nothing compare to you.
    All the very best for the next. We’ll keep checking your adventures. Just be careful (as far it’s possible…)

    JP & MC

  3. Richard: I won’t tell Zippy you thought he was a she.
    Patricia: Always good to hear from Tucson! We’ve escaped the big city of Saigon (not an easy task, it went on for about 70K!) and found a great back road today. We’ll be back soon.
    Dave: Look in the mirror Dave!
    Jean-Pierre & Marie-Claude: What a great visit we had on the Streets of Saigon! Enjoy your future touring adventures, and let us know if you ever come to tour in the U.S. It’s great place to tour, particularly the West where camping is free, and the natives all over are friendly, and varied.

  4. Hello to you, Bob, Claire and Zippy! Happy 40,000th — and in Saigon, no less.

    Enjoying your posts about your trip and marveling daily about your fitness and gutsiness to do this. You’re on the right trail — enjoy it!

    Stop by the next time you’re in South Florida!

    Connie & Tim

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