A Walk in a Chennai, India Neighborhood


Immersing ourselves in our Chennai neighborhood has been made more interesting by the onset of the Northeast Monsoon. We dodged the main monsoon in the far north and the west of India, well most of it, but didn’t even know there was a monsoon on the east side. It started with a cyclone, which missed us, but the rains have come hard, making walking the muddy, cow shit and trash strewn streets a bit of a challenge.

People here take it in stride, they have to, they know the drill, keep to the less dirty narrow pavement as much as buses, trucks, cars and motos allow, wade the mud and poop when you have to, rinse your sandaled feet in the least muddy water you find, carry an umbrella at all times; it’s a hard rain that falls brother.

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Walking in an Indian City: Chennai, India


We got here a few days early, finished packing Zippy for the flight home, and are now “enjoying” a real Indian city, Chennai. It is seven million people and not very well organized.

We’re in an area called Pallavaram, a mix of mostly low end hotels, open markets, mixed businesses, a few beggars, wandering shitting cows, mostly mud streets (the monsoon just hit) and the constant noise of all manner of vehicle horns, and a few bicycle bells.

More to come here later. Here is a sample of a reasonably orderly scene just as school let out.

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