Reader’s Review: Asmara to Zanzibar, Award Winning Fine Art Travel Photography, by Matt Cohen

Reader’s Review: Asmara to Zanzibar, Award Winning Fine Art Travel Photography, by Matt Cohen
Matt Cohen’s latest travel photography book is a beautifully printed memoir of Cohen and his wife Diedre’s latest forays in Africa. The couple’s extensive travels have given them a unique opportunity to promote peace through understanding by bringing the world to those at home.
“People are people,” Cohen points out in his prologue, and he always tried to connect whenever he could.
Some global upheavals have given this book historic context; by understanding foreign policy and world events, the Cohens ventured into areas requiring high security and came away with an authentic understanding of the role each of us plays on the world stage.
Cohen took time to digest his experiences in order to complete this book. While each photo speaks well for itself, the captions may provide colorful details or planning advice.
Cohen is especially fond of the blue hour and has many compelling images that made the best use of his time. From over 11000 images, Cohen culled his favorites for this publication and with words of encouragement he offers that the fun is all in the journey. Wife Diedre’s photos also give context of the work that goes into getting the best shots.
For anyone looking for inspiration, this book has plenty of ideas for fresh approaches to photography and new places to go.

Happy Canada Day, July 1

Americas very best friend in the World is our neighbor to the north, Canada. We don’t always treat her with the respect due the second largest country in the world. Rich in resources and diverse in cultures, she is held in high reguard everywhere, yet too often ignored by the United States.

Beginning in 1997 we bicycled the lower provinces over three summers, a total of 15,000 kilometers, or perhaps I should write kilometres. We got a feel for the imensity of the country, but mostly we experienced the warmth, hospitality, and fun-loving ways of the people. 

Someday we will do complete page on our Canada travels, but for now, Happy birthday! We love you.

Eddie McMaster at a firehouse Ceikidh